The Wave – 48 Hours competition entry

SPA Bhopal’s 48 Hours‘ brief involved a challenge to design a comfortable pathway between the hostels and the academic block.

Since the same was to be executed on site, the judgement criteria was as follows:

  • Economics of Construction
  • Structural Maturity of Design
  • Material, and Social Sensibility
  • Climatic and social responsiveness
  • Speed and Ease of Execution



Taking inspiration from Bhopal’s iconic Upper Lake, and deriving its fluid, yet functional form from it, the self repeating module is a cover from the harsh sun, and the convex, hyperbolic paraboloid structure cuts through the strong monsoon winds.

The Wave – is composed out of only Bamboo, and thatch, reducing costs to the optimum extent, without compromising on durability, and strength.


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