A Stairway to HeaVAN

Semester II Design Assignment Van Vihar, Bhopal is India’s only wildlife sanctuary that lies within a city. It features an undulating landscape framed with a lake on one side, and hillocks on the other, making the land rich in ecological terms. An exploration of form, and materiality, the assignment was to design an Entrance Pathway to Van Vihar – India’s only wildlife sanctuary that lies within a city. The Entrance Pathway was to include – An Entrance Gate, Security Cabin, Ticketing Counter, a Kiosk, Toilets, a cycle shed and a repairing shop.    Site Plan   Underlying Design Concept Van … Continue reading A Stairway to HeaVAN

Design Assignment – Evaluating Accessibility

  A facility can be considered accessible when it is utilised to its utmost, and desired extent. From the sleekest products, to the most massive of spaces, all can have accessibility concerns that must be dealt with to retain an important aspect of design; Inclusiveness. While making spaces accessible to the specially-abled is essential, it must be given due importance that accessibility is a part of the process, and not the process as a whole. Accesibility, in design should be a primary and subconscious effort, not a secondary effort made to meet established guidelines by the legislation. The first design … Continue reading Design Assignment – Evaluating Accessibility